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Aww, THANK YOU, Flippy!!! :D

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Happy birthday Anna! Let inspiration never leave you!!!

Aww, thaaanks! <3 I´ll try! ;)

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the irrational part of my brain believes if i just reblog the art of doriannegray enough, new pieces will suddenly appear.

doriannegray said: Believe. Other works will appear.

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Laura Carmichael in Uncle Vanya (Vaudeville Theatre, 2012)

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the-girl-with-the-mousey-hair replied to your post:
Yes - I too am sorry I missed your birthday but am hopping on the belated happy birthday wishes bandwagon. :)

Don´t be sorry! It was my own fault, hehe. I just should have reblogged Lizzy´s list in time ;)
And belated birthday wishes are great too :) Thank you! <3

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irrationalgame said: Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you enjoyed it :)

Ah, no need to be sorry! Thank you for the message! <3 It didn´t go as planned but all in all it was a nice birthday ;)

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inkandheartache said: Oh yes happy belated birthday! <3

Thank you!!! <3

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My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Natalie Dormer as Alice and Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter


I actually think I’ve reblogged this seven times

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Happy Belated 26th Birthday Krimsnkrams!!!


So lovely krimsnkrams, I told you I’d be back with a proper birthday post for you and here it is! And it’s extra special as it’s my 5000th tumblr post!

Anna, I know you said you weren’t particularly big on celebrating your birthday this year, but I still wanted to send you lots of happy…

Aww, thank you sooo much for this incredibly sweet, colourful, sparkly birthday post and your kind words, Lizzy!!! ♥♥♥ 

I actually did have some yummy cake! It was raw vegan and a bit experimental but it tasted pretty good :)

And I got some nice presents - including a silk screen printing set from my parents. Maybe someday I´ll print a drawing of Thomas on a hipster tote bag or something ;)

I didn´t get my usual fix of Thomas/Thommy (So, thank you for the gifs!) because I couldn´t spent much time on the computer, but I watched “The Winter Soldier” on DVD, so there was some Sebastian Stan to squee over, hehe. I still appreciate your gifs though^^

Congrats on your 5000th tumblr post! :D

Funnily, I just noticed I made my 5000th post today as well. Yay! And it was a photo of a jellyfish..hmm…

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So pretty.

owlsiehoot said: Oh it was your birhday? Sorry, I didn't know! Alles gute nachträglich :) (oder bin ich jetzt komplett falsch). Danke für die fast tägliche Dosis toller Fanart!!!

Ja, mein Geburtstag war letzten Samstag. Das wusste nur bisher keiner ;) Danke für die Geburtstagswünsche! <3

"fast tägliche Dosis toller Fanart" Hehe, das wär´ toll, wenn ich wirklich mal so produktiv werden würde ;) 

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